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All Steel Shed Frames, Cabins, Buildings, Connectors, and More... (Phoenix, AZ)


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     >>  Welcome to All Steel Shed Frames
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     Home of America’s toughest, top-quality portable all steel buildings!  
     Our portable all steel sheds & frames are designed to stand up to
     years of heavy duty use, and outlast any other storage buildings
     you’ve ever owned.

     So, whether you’re looking for utility sheds, steel shed kits, or steel
     framing to build your own shed, you’ve come to the right place for
     high-quality, durable, and easy to assemble all steel buildings and
     storage sheds

>>  Easy Assembly

     Our revolutionary “Quick Build” steel shed frames are specifically
     designed for easy assembly on your property. With manageable
     pieces and sizes, our portable shed kits with CAD-designed
     Fast Fit connectors make it easy for one individual to assemble
     an all steel shed frame in just a few hours.


     >>  Not Just Steel Frames

     We now offer sheds, cabins, buildings, and more with our "Big Boy"
     steel connectors and wood frame designs that still live up to our
     reputation for quality and toughness.  You can now get virtually any
     size building or cabin for an inexpensive price, and we always beat
     the competition when it comes to durability and longevity.






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     >> Our Steel

     >>  Built to Last & Made in the USA

     At All Steel Shed Frames, our mission is to develop, manufacture, and sell the highest
     quality steel structures and steel framing available anywhere. Unlike other metal sheds
     on the market today, our all steel sheds and shed frame kits are made in the USA from
     the finest quality steel. To find out more about our products call Wesley at 602-989-1309.

Above display is an 8x8 portable steel frame with floor struts on 2 ft centers w/connectors
& 3 ft door opening

     >>  Never Pay for Storage Space Again

     Are you paying to rent storage space? After a few months, those “little” monthly
     payments can quickly add up to big spending. With one of our affordable DIY sheds,
     you can eliminate those rental fees, conveniently store your belongings on your own
     property, and invest in something you’ll use and enjoy for years.


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All Steel Shed Frames


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