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All Steel Shed Frames, Cabins, Buildings, Connectors, and More... (Phoenix, AZ)


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 >>  Our History
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Founded in the early 1990s, All Steel Shed Frames began by specializing in made to
     order one piece heavy-duty all steel storage sheds constructed from 2x2 structural box
     tubing, and welded into a rigid single piece frame.


     Fully-finished, our first all steel sheds were framed, sided, and roofed in our own shop
     and then delivered to our customers.  As the demand for our all steel storage buildings
     grew, All Steel Shed Frames began to search for a reliable and cost-effective means to
     offer the same durably constructed, high quality all steel buildings to customers all over
     the country, without the costly, labor intensive process of manufacturing and transporting
     fully-completed, steel structure sheds.

     After a few years of research, we developed our Fast Fit connector, a CAD-designed
     welded connector system which provides strength, stability, and portability-- paving the
     way to offering a full range of portable, self-assembled all steel shed kits to our customers.
     We then began to offer our DIY sheds and all steel frames to customers across the


     >>  Our Company Today

Now, with many years of successful business experience, All Steel Shed Frames continues
     to provide the highest quality DIY all steel sheds and shed frame kits available today. From
     steel framing, to fully-assembled storage buildings, were committed to providing you with
     the most durable, American-made steel framed utility sheds available and excellent
     customer service-- at a price you can afford.

Our welded Fast Fit connectors make assembly quick and easy

     >>  Our Guarantee

     All Steel Shed Frames guarantees that our steel framing will provide you with superbly functional service for
     as long as you need it. Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees free replacement of any of our welded steel
     frame parts should they fail due to poor workmanship or under reasonable use for the lifetime of the building.

     >>  How Do Our Customers Use our Ultra-Tough Steel/Timber Frame Building System?

         Car Garages

         Motorcycle Garages

         Room Additions                     

         Cabins build one off grid   

         Steel Shed Homes  -              

         Patio Covers

         RV Covers

         Free Standing Offices           


         Pump Houses

         Garage Shop Buildings          

         Generator Houses

         Kids Playhouses

         Tack Rooms

         Hay Barns

         Portable Mini Storage Units

         And, MUCH, MUCH More!

     >>  For More Information

Wed love to answer your questions about our all steel framed portable storage sheds.  For more information
     call 602-989-1309 or
send an email



2x2 FAST FIT Connectors

4x4 Big Boy Connectors

NS 2X2 Connectors





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