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    View the Photos of Us Building a Shed Using our "Big Boy" Connectors!
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    Cabin / "Big Boy" Connectors Price List
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   We produce America’s toughest, top-quality Do-It-Yourself steel connectors for erecting portable buildings!  Our
   “BIG BOY” connector framing system uses a combination of steel and large 4” x 4” wood timber.  The “BIG BOY”
   connectors are CAD designed, precision welded and made from the highest quality steel available.  The timbers
   are heavy duty 4X4’s which telescope into the steel connectors to distribute & carry the load of the building to
   make it a one piece heavy duty building frame.  The “BIG BOY” connectors & timbers are designed to stand up
   to years of heavy duty use, and outlast any other framing system you’ve ever owned.  So, whether you’re looking
   to build a garage, utility shed, cabin in the woods, a barn, a work shop or any other pet building project you might
   want to see what we have to offer.    Our steel/timber framing kits are affordable, high-quality, made for utility &
   durability, and easy to assemble. Engineering is also available for a fee for permitting purposes.

Here’s What Our Steel & Timber Building Frame System Offers:

   Easy Assembly

   Our revolutionary “Big Boy” steel connectors & timber framing system was specifically designed for easy  
   assembly.  Our “BIG BOY” connectors are welded up into manageable pieces and sizes weighing no more than
   30 lbs a piece.  Our “BIG BOY” CAD-designed connectors make it easy for 1 or 2 individuals to assemble a
   SIZEABLE building frame in just a few hours. 

   Built to Last a LIFETIME & Made in the USA

   Our mission was to develop, manufacture, and sell the highest quality steel & timber framed structures available
   anywhere.    Unlike most of the other framing kits on the market today, our steel/timber framing kits are made in
   the USA from the finest quality steel & timber available. 

   Guaranteed To Be The Most Durable Product Ever Offered

   Our “BIG BOY” steel/timber framing kits are constructed with welded conventional corners providing a square-
   shaped steel structure (NO ROUND CORNERS) ready to be finished with wood siding, vinyl siding, Hardee board,
   stucco or steel. 

·        Quick, Easy Assembly: Our CAD-designed “BIG BOY” connectors allow for quick, easy assembly.

·        Quality Materials: Our “BIG BOY” load bearing connectors are welded from the best quality, heavy duty
   4” X 4” X ¼“WALL THICKNESS SQUARE TUBE.  Milled 4” x 4” Timbers telescope into the “BIG BOY”
   connectors with ease to complete the frame. Or you can use double 2x4’s if you are on a tight budget.

·        8 Foot or Higher Walls:  Accommodates a standard pre-hung entrance door and our framing system is ideal for
   building that off grid cabin in the mountains.

·        Pitched Roof Lines:  We offer a 3/12 – 8/12 & barn style roof line. 

·        Easily Expandable:  It’s easy to add more pods later on to your building rather than buying a whole new one.

·        Great for Off-Road Spaces: Our DIY “BIG BOY” steel/timber framing system is perfect for constructing a
   building in areas not easily accessible due to rugged terrain, fencing, blocked walls, trees, etc.

·        Fully-Customizable + Options:  Unlike other cookie cutter buildings our portable steel/timber building frame
   kits allow you to finish your building as you desire.

·        Conveniently Portable:  Our DIY steel/timber building frame kits are easy to dismantle, move and reassemble
   whenever and wherever you need them.

·        No Concrete Needed:  Our portable steel/timber framing kits make it possible to install a wood floor joist
   system, eliminating the need for concrete. NO EXPENSIVE CONCRETE EVER NEEDED…  If you have a
   concrete slab down or want to apply it to concrete we do have available “BIG BOY” connectors to attach to
   concrete. JUST LET US KNOW.

·        Affordable:  Our steel connector & timber building kit system offers more value for the dollar than any other
   manufacturer of DIY building kits.  We invite you to compare the quality, durability, longevity of our products with
   those of our competitors. 

   Our Guarantee

   All Steel Shed Frames guarantees that our welded steel “BIG BOY” connectors will provide you with superbly
   functional service for as long as you need them to.  Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees free replacement of
   any of our welded steel connectors should they fail due to poor workmanship or under reasonable use for the
   lifetime of the building to original purchaser.

   How Do Our Customers Use our Ultra-Tough Steel/Timber Frame Building System?

·        Car Garages

·        Motorcycle Garages

·        Room Additions                     

·        Cabins – build one off grid   

·        Steel Shed Homes  -              

·        Patio Covers

·        RV Covers

·        Free Standing Offices           

·        Saunas

·        Pump Houses

·        Garage Shop Buildings          

·        Generator Houses

·        Kid’s Playhouses

·        Tack Rooms

·        Hay Barns

·        Portable Mini Storage Units

·        And, MUCH, MUCH More!

   For More Information

   We’d love to answer your questions about our all steel frames, storage sheds & steel/timber frames.  For more
   information call 480-343-9571 or email: 





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